The Issues at a glance

Voting Rights

I am a passionate advocate and defender of our basic civil rights, starting with the right to choose our representation. We must ensure easy, unobstructed voting rights for all adult citizens, and we must end partisan gerrymandering.


I believe healthcare is another basic human right, including all aspects of women's healthcare. My position is that the US should embrace a single payer system. Until that time, I support expansion of Medicaid in an effort to cover more Texans. 


Education is a civil right and the state constitution demands access to free public education for all of our children. It is time for the state to step up and fund its portion appropriately. 

LGBTQ Rights

Our LGBTQ family must be given all of the basic rights and liberties that the rest of us enjoy. This includes the right to form and raise families absent barriers from the state. I also support  implementation of a statewide non-discrimination law.

Support of Rural Communities

We need to ensure that our rural and farming communities have access to all of the same building blocks of prosperity that our urban and suburban residents do. This includes high-speed internet access and access to safe and clean water.

Criminal Justice Reform

It is crucial that we address inequalities in our criminal justice system and that all residents feel protected and served by the system. Among other measures, I support the abolition of cash bail, a mechanism that serves only to punish the working classes for their lack of resources and which further entrenches inequality.

Gun Safety

 I support both our second amendment rights as well as common sense legislation to reduce gun violence and accidents. I am proud to have received the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.