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my story

How I Got to District 3

In the Summer of 2006, my husband and I - already interested in food politics and the way our system works - read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It solidified feelings we had about the problematic way food is produced in our country. So much of it is exploitative to the land, the animals and the people that make it possible. We wanted to prove that didn't have to be the case. We moved to Field Store Community on October 31st of that year and started building our farm/goat dairy, Blue Heron Farm, right away. By the spring of 2008, we were both full-time farmers with no other income. 

What We've Done Since Then

Besides farming, we've had opportunities to become more involved in the community over the years. We have largely focused on the farming community. During the fires of 2011 we took in the animals and people from two other goat dairies and kept the milk and income flowing to them by moving to 24/7 cheese production with the combined milk. We shared the proceeds  equally among the affected farms, ensuring we would all make it through to farm another day. We also hosted a mass event to feed first responders. Chefs and food trucks from Houston came to our farm to set up, share resources and then deploy to serve the amazing men and women who were keeping us safe that week. We did some similar work during and after Hurricane Harvey.

In addition to farm work, we've been active in dog rescue in the community since 2011. We started as fosters for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and now we work with 4 Paws Farm, closer to home, in Hempstead. Like most people, we look for ways to help that put our strengths to best use. Animal work has been important to us.

OK, But Why Am I Running For Office?

While most of my civic engagement has been volunteer based, I have always taken my civic duty to vote very seriously. And I have noticed that District 3 rarely has Democratic choices on the ballot. We can't have a democracy unless we are actually making choices about who will represent us. And I have been thoroughly dissatisfied with the representation we have had. In recent years the Texas lege has put disproportionate emphasis on culture war issues, choosing to use its power to bully women, people of color and the LGBT community. That includes a lot of my friends and neighbors in the district and I am no longer willing to accept it. That is not and should not be the business of government.

I believe the job of government is to create equal opportunities  for people to achieve and to thrive, not to place barriers in front of  some as they try to find a meaningful place for themselves and their  families in our communities.

So What Now?

If this sounds like something you believe in, if you have come to understand that your desire to live in peace and  prosperity is no different from that of every other family in our district, and that we can work together to make our lives easier and more prosperous, without harming others, I hope you will send me to the Texas House where I can further this mission.  And if you want to help spread this message, I'd also appreciate that.